Program: 19.2. 

09:45      Welcome Session Zoom
10:15       Inspiration AIAZoom
10:30       Learning Community 2 Zoom
                Events Camps Hangouts                
                SHINE Training
11:45       Break and national exchange 
11:45      Story Time Zoom
12:15      Inspiration from Steiger. Zoom

12:45.     Lunch

13:45       Podium Post Pandemic Zoom
14:30       GOD Vision Zoom 
14:45       Learning Community 3 Zoom
                      Hyperaction / GOD Action
                      Social Media Campaign
                      GOD Training
15:30.      Break and national exchange
16:00      Future 2022 and Summershine Zoom
16:30.     Festival Tour Zoom
       break & national exchange
17:15       prayer & closing 
18:00.    end

Link Gather:

Password: rendezvous

Link Zoom: link


  • Avatar: to adjust your avatar, click on your little avatar at the bottom center of the sreen. choose your style. Type your real full name. Add your country to the status line.
  • Move around with arrow keys or WASD key on your keyboard.
  • Turn on audio and video of your avatar if you missed that.
  • Press x to access infor wiki
  • To enter the zoom sessions, move your avatar to the auditorium – then press x
  • Have a look around the SHINE island. left is the auditorium. right are the learning communities. Top and bottom are the country areas. very bottom the beach and fun zone. 
  • If you step onto the podium to the speaker desk – you can talk to everyone. 
  • Left on your screen are the participant list and chat. In the participant list you can click on person to
    1. go to or follow the person
    2. to chat..
  • Bottom: your avatar, the map and status fields, video settings and such. 
  • You can read documents, watch videos, use the Whiteboards in your room, play games und meet with friends.

If you need help text to Mike: +41 79 321 18 34